How to Make Chicken Rice


广东粥 Cantonese Congee

The word Congee comes from Tamil கஞ்சி (kanji)


Rice (过夜饭): Store leftover cook rice in freezer.

Congee base (粥底):
– On a separate pan, sauté (烧香) pork lard (豬油) with spring onion / scallion (青葱).
– Pour the above into a boiler with 10 x (cup) of water.
– Add in a shredded century egg (皮蛋).
– discard the spring onion.

Cook congee:
– Add 1 cup of the defrosted (解冻) rice.
– Cook for 15 – 20 minutes (instead of 3 hours by traditional method).

Voilà! Cantonese Congee.

Turn-off fire, add into congee (in sequence):
– minced pork, (or fish filet)
– prawns,
– sliced pork,
– pork liver,
– egg,
– you-tiow (油条),
– 撒胡椒粉, 青葱, 红葱头 (optional pepper powder, onion spring, shallots)


阿基師59元出好菜 廣東粥:

Congee = Rice Porridge
Porridge is more general for other grains: oat, wheat, etc.

Spring onion or scallion ?