Fixing Tefal Rice Cooker Pressure Rubber Ring

1. Open the inner aluminum cover with a flat screwdriver. Open carefully, do not damage the corner pegs.


2. Fix the rubber ring in this orientation over the aluminum cover. Watch which side is facing the exterior.


3. Put back the inner aluminum cover. Be careful not to dent the fragile aluminum conner pegs.


4. Completion :

Note: If the rubber ring is fixed wrongly, the inner steam pressure will leak from the side of the cooker cover, water will not boil.

Reference: Tefal 8-in-1 ceramic rice cooker.

Kitchen Wonder: Supor (Tefal) Micro-computer 8-in-1 Rice Cooker (1.8L)

This is a S$88 cheap but excellent rice cooker for overseas students and small family use. 一锅走天下! (You can travel the world with just this wonder rice cooker.)

Supor 1.8 Litre (Model 50YC5), or its exact or similar replica under Tefal (who owns 51% of Supor in China).
or other Tefal model



Its wonderful features are:
♡8 Programmable Menu Functions:
• Quick : normal white rice

• Expert: for brown rice, oat, wheat, grain, etc.

• Congee (\con-ji, The word congee comes from Tamil கஞ்சி (kanji) )广东粥 Cantonese Congee (1 hr 30 mins)

• Porridge 福建咸糜 /潮州糜(1 hour)

• Soup (3 hrs) : 煲(boil)3 hrs 炖(double-boil) 4 hrs

• Steam : 蒸鱼头 Steam Fish head

• Cake

• Reheat

♡ Upper Steamer Tray for vegetables, fish, meat, eggs while cooking rice below.

♡ Delay cooking Timer “Preset” from 2 to 15 hours. Say, before bed-time at 11 pm, you want a nice cantonese congee ready by 8 am next morning. Preset to “9 hours” (= 11 pm to 8 am). It will complete cooking by 8 am for breakfast.

Note: 9 hours include the cooking time needed for the specific selected Menu function (eg. Menu ‘Congee’ takes 1 hour 30 minutes)



Keep warm (up to 24 hours):
After cooking, it will auto switch to keep warm with light ‘b’ shown.

Note: Why use ‘b’ letter? It is the 1st letter of the French word ‘bon’ means ‘good, done, 好了‘, cooking is done and now waiting to serve by keeping it warm.

Great feature for keeping food warm when a family member comes home late for meal. Place food in 3 small bowls which sit nicely in the upper steaming tray above the rice (below).

Supor 50YC5 Instruction Manual :

1. Quick Function:


2. Expert Function: 精煮


3. Congee Function: 粥


Note: Congee
1 cup rice : 10 cups water

4. Reheat Function:

5. Porridge Function: 稀糜

Note: Porridge
1 cup rice : 7 cups water

6. Soup Function 煲汤:

7. Steam Function: 蒸


Note: 1 cup water = 15 mins steaming

8. Cake Function:

9. Keep Warm / Cancel Function:

10. Preset Function: 预约时间


Reference: Other Tefal Fuzzy Rice Cooker Model Manual

Click to access RK704.pdf

Rice Cooker Measurement: 1 Finger Rule “一指功”

Adding water to the rice in cooking pot:

1. Put the index (2nd) finger at the top of the rice surface,
2. Keep adding water slowly until the water level reaches the first segment (crease) of the index finger.

This is a ‘rough’ estimation, it still depends on the type of rice:

short-grain requires 1 cup of water to 1 cup rice
(1 water :1 rice);

long-grain rice needs more water (add 1/4 to 1/2 cup more water per cup of rice) than short grain
(1 1/4 water :1 rice):

Whole-grain (brown rice) needs 2 1/2 to 3 cups water per cup of rice and about 60% – 70% longer cooking time than white rice.
(3 water : 1 rice);

Tatung 大同 Electric Rice Cooker

This Tatung rice cooker is more useful than the Japanese rice cooker because it has inner and outer bowl, so can be used for steaming besides rice cooking.

Strange, why can’t find it in Singapore ? I guess it is the 110 volt standard in Taiwan and USA. Singapore is using 220 volt.

You can buy it from
11 Cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker TAC-11KN(UL)

For 220 volt model, I found it in Australia :–1234985233_Tatung_6_Cup_Person_240v_Aus_Nz_Rice_Cooker_Steamer_Pot_Tac_06_sv4_Stainless

This Online Store ships to Singapore / overseas with 220 V model (Note: model number ends with V2):

6-person cooker :

10-person cooker:

Note: Do not buy the models with Aluminum inner bowl, because Aluminium can be discharged into food, which explains in the last 50 years the rise of dementia patients in Asia – the “Rice Cooker” Generation.

It is better to buy the steal or ceramic models.