Best Juice Formula:
25% in leafy green +
75% in Base Juice +

Base Juice: 3 C = {Carot, Celery, Cucumber} & Apple.

1. Don’t mix vegetable juice and fruit juice together (except Apple is neutral). They are like oil and water which never mix.

2. Lemon is the ‘secret‘ weapon to freshen the juice.

Lemonade Recipe : 1/4 Lemon (with peels) + 2 Apples.

The Joy of Juicing – Full Movie

Fruits to repair your body, vegetables for cleansing and detoxification.

Do not mix fruits (except apples)  with vegetables when making juice, it would upset the stomach for some people.

Babyboomers (the generation born after WW2) ! it is your time, after 40 years of career and hardship to raise the family, to look after your body. Drinking juices daily is the best and cheapest medicine to keep you energised in healthy retirement.

You can make juices and store it in fridge. Drink the juice within 24 hours while the nutrition is still there.

A glass of juice costs about $5 at Foodcourt. You can make it cheaply at home with either a blender (for smoothie) or a juicer (for juice).