1. Raison d’Être 宗旨

Raison d’être

This blog is for students living away from home or overseas, craving for Chinese or Singaporean / Malaysian or western cuisines like French or Spanish.

Like any students struggling to do homework, studying for exams, there is no time to cook. Yet the university cookhouse meals suck, restaurant meals beyond budget, you have no choice but to eat fast food, canned food, instant noodles or sandwiches. Some students after graduation return to home country with poor health which bothers them into their working life later. We had French / Australia / Japan elite scholars died of cancers at early 40s because of mal-nutrition during their overseas student days. What a pity!

You don’t have to be so miserable to ill-treat your body for the sake of study. In fact you can enjoy both: earn a good degree and feed your body with healthy food at minimum cost and cooking time.

As this blog evolves, and as Chinese believe Food and Medicine (hence Health) are of the same source (药食同源), it becomes a blog dealing with what the French call “Savoir Vivre”Know-How of Living. Whether you are students or workers living overseas, know how to live healthily, on budgeted expenses and with limited resources, live well and enjoy friendship in the foreign land.

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