Frying eggs in normal pan

Without a non-stick pan, frying eggs on a normal pan is a big tricky.

Pre-heating up the pan:
♢ Test with water: dancing water droplet (hot enough, > 150 C).
♢ Test with butter: too hot if smoke, then lower the fire a bit

排骨麵線糊,日式溫泉蛋 Pork Rib Mee Sua, Japanese Spa Egg

This is the ‘Oyster Mee Sua’ (蚵仔面线) modified version in LuKang (鹿港) with Pork Ribs instead of Oyster.

The Japanese Spa Egg “1000-300-8” Technique:
1. Heat 1000 cc of water to boil.
2. Turn off fire. Add immediately 300 cc cold water. The temperature will drop to 70 C.
3. Add eggs inside the water for 8 minutes.
4. Transfer eggs to cold water.

I replaced Mee-sua by Soba with bottled Soba sauce:


黃金蛋 Golden Egg

Cook Egg Technique:
1. Use medium fire, boil eggs in water. Make sure eggs are completely covered in water.
Add some salt (to avoid egg crack with leaking egg white).
2. When water starts to boil (seeing little bubbles), count 4 minutes (or 3 mins if prefer softer yoke).
3. Remove eggs into another bowl of cold water. Knock and crack slightly the egg shells (to allow water to enter the shell, easier to peal later).

At Step 2) when water starts to boil, the egg white has been solidified. The next 4 minutes the egg yoke begins to solidify.