Gen Y Speaks: DIY-meals in pricey Sweden made me appreciate Singapore hawkers all the more

There is one thing Singapore really deserves the “World Number 1” is the “Hawker Center Food” (UNESCO-to-be), with the unique features:

  1. Ubiquitous: across all island
  2. Affordable by all
  3. Loved by all : rich or poor, all ages, races, local or foreigners
  4. Long opening hours

You only realize how much you miss the Hawker food when you step out of Singapore longer than 1 week. What I would crave for are these "4 大金刚" common hawker food, because they are difficult to reproduce overseas without the sauces, ingredients & the hawker’s culinary “secrets” :

  1. 炒粿条,
  2. 海南鸡饭,
  3. 肉脞面/鱼丸面,
  4. 福建虾面

30 Best Singapore Hawker Food

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